The Sanctuary of Saturday

You know, as I’ve looked back over this summer, it has dawned on me that it has been one of the busiest summers of my life. Have I had to “do” as much as I did during the summers of 2003-2005, when I was working for Lutheran Retreats, Camps and Conferences of Southern California? Perhaps not. But let’s be realistic – working for LRCC was about 50% actual work, 50% just hanging out with the people who came to be like your family during those ten weeks.

This summer, however… well, let me give you a bit of a rundown.

The day after the Spring 2012 semester at Wake Div ended, I flew to Newport, Rhode Island, for Officer Development School. I was there for five weeks (five relatively insane weeks, I might add), at the end of which I flew home and spent the weekend with Caitie. As soon as she left, I started gearing up to leave again – two weeks that I would be gone to Indiana and Iowa, the first week – in Indiana – for CYF camp; the second week – in Iowa – for a family reunion. The day after I got BACK from Iowa, I drove two-thirds of the way across the state for an interview with the Disciples’ regional commission on ministry, and the day after that, I started work for First Christian Winston-Salem’s summer program. On top of that, I had Caitie come to visit again (and don’t get me wrong, that was a GOOD thing), and I house-sat for two weeks. I literally went straight from house-sitting to drive out to Ocean Isle Beach to spend time with Caitie’s family (a brief escape from the madness of Forsyth County), following which I drove back to Winston, dove headfirst into VBS at First Christian, and have continued this week with my last week at their summer program. Next week, I have an orientation meeting at Wake Div on Monday, CPE training in Durham on Tuesday and Wednesday, and will be helping out with Wake Div orientation on Thursday and Friday. The following Wednesday, the school year begins.

*deep breath*

Okay, so as you can see there, I have had very few breaks. Caitie coming to visit always gave me the chance to take a breather from the real world, but my time with her has been way, WAY too limited this summer (which, by the way, the last three months have kind of SUCKED because of that, and I am SO looking forward to getting to see her on a daily basis again). The rest of the time, though, it’s been go go go go go go go go go go go with very little stop. And so, I decided to steal a trick from LT David Bauman, an Orthodox Jewish rabbi who was in my company at Officer Development School.

Saturdays have become my Sabbath day. Why not Sunday? Because I work in the church, that’s why. Sundays aren’t break days any more, unfortunately. However, Saturday… that’s the day I do as little as possible. I wake up, I go down to Ardmore Village and have a Velvet Underground coffee at Cafe Roche, I go for a walk somewhere, I play with the dogs, I read a book. One Saturday, I went and saw The Dark Knight Rises. But I don’t work on Saturdays, I don’t PT on Saturdays, I don’t do anything productive on Saturdays if I can avoid it. I was even able to make that a reality at ODS – my Saturdays were usually spent either in the coffee shop or the MWR Rec Center, doing as little as was humanly possible. Sure, maybe I’m not as dedicated to the Sabbath as LT Bauman – he didn’t even use anything electrical – but it’s still my day of rest.

Saturday morning is but a day and a half away, and once more, I will be able to take it for rest. Off to Cafe Roche I’ll go, one of my new Terry Pratchett books in hand. I’ll drink my coffee, come back home, maybe go see The Campaign – who knows. And God willing, I’ll be able to make it something permanent. Neither snow nor rain nor heat nor gloom of night will stay me from my Sabbath.

(Well, except for Art of frickin’ Min, but that’s a different story.)


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