Hotel Company… dismissed.

Yep, it’s been three weeks since the last time I got on this here blog to talk about what was going on. And honestly, those three weeks have kind of been a blur.
There’s not really much exciting to tell about the last three weeks. It was mostly classroom stuff, with some drama in Hotel Company (which got resolved), an incident involving a wayward packet of peanut butter, a trip to Boston, and finally, this last week, which was just weirdly unstructured and left WAY too much time for members of Hotel Company to get into trouble (from which they fortunately largely refrained).
Oh, and along the way, Hotel Company’s RDC, Chief Hebert, became a dad, and that was really cool. Two Wednesdays ago, three days after it happened, he was on base to get his daughter put into DEERS, and as the Hotel A-Div-O and I were walking out of Nimitz Hall that morning, he called us over so he could show us pictures of her – just like any other brand new dad.

Anyway, allow me to share with you all a few pictures from the last couple of weeks.

So, here’s me, singing out Anchors Aweigh during my RLP Inspection two weeks ago. Chief Ruiz was quite impressed – and then demanded that I teach all of Hotel Company to sing it the same way. What I wanted to say (and from which I refrained) was, “I’ve been singing for two decades, Chief. I’ve been the Div-O of Hotel Company for three weeks. I’m a chaplain, not Jesus Himself…”

Earlier this week, LT Fromknecht asked me and several others to help out with “Wake-Up Tuesday”, the day that Officer Development School Class 12080 met their RDCs. It was a very interesting experience, seeing Wake-Up Tuesday from the instructor side of the equation.

Today, Class 12070 graduated. After we were done, my dad – in uniform for the first time in eleven years – went outside with me to the Navy and Marine Corps buoys, and I received my first official salute from a non-commissioned officer.

And then, Chief Hebert came over and wanted to make sure we got a picture of him saluting me as well. Definitely a real honor.

Gotta be honest, though… DEFINITELY looking forward to getting back to being ridiculous with these people.


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