It’s not about the BBQ

For the last two years, I have lived in a place where BBQ is king. North Carolina by itself has two different sorts of BBQ – Lexington, which is tomato based, and Eastern, which is vinegar based. If you really want to throw things into chaos, you can bring into play South Carolina BBQ, which is mustard based.
This weekend, BBQ will be a big deal, just like it is on any summer holiday weekend. Grills, smokers, fire pits will all be fired up today to create all sorts of tasty dishes for the enjoyment of friends and family. People will come together to enjoy their time off and the last weekend before the summer truly gets fierce (especially in places like Arizona).
But amidst all that hullabaloo, it is important to remember that this weekend is not about the BBQ. Memorial Day was started to remember the men who died fighting in the Civil War, and with each consequent American combat action since, has expanded to include the men and women who died in those actions as well.
And yes, there are those who will say that far too many men and women have died in wars fought by America, and they’re absolutely right. One more death caused by an American combat action – whether military or civilian – is too many. Peace is obviously the preferable option, and every sane person prays for peace to occur.
Right now, however, men and women still die in combat. We must still remember them, and we must be there to support those left behind. That’s why it is a real honor, this Memorial Day, for me to serve with the other 136 members of ODS Class 12070, and ESPECIALLY the other 43 members of Hotel Company, as we prepare to be officers serving to care for our servicemen and women, physically, mentally, and spiritually.


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